Fire Sprinkler Damage

A fire sprinkler can accidentally go off without warning causing major water damage in your home or business. Fire sprinkler damage is a real threat your drywall, ceilings, floors and furniture. If proper action is not taken fast enough, water can spread and damage large areas in permanent ways, even affecting your neighbors or hall mates if you live in an apartment building or work in a corporate office.

Common Factors such as these lead to fire sprinkler damage in both commercial and residential properties: 
– Overheating
– Corrosion
– Mechanical damage
– Manufacturing defect
– Installation flaw

Whenever you find yourself facing an unexpected crisis, call Norco Water Damage immediately. We aim to be your number one partner when it comes to fire sprinkler damage restoration, putting all our efforts into saving your belongings and reducing the damage.

When a fire sprinkler bursts in a multi-storied building, there is a greater chance of water spreading thus damaging more than one location. Even worse, it can infiltrate and reach even the building’s structure causing severe harm and raising the restoration costs dramatically. Beside these material damages, water that stays in touch with other surfaces for several hours is a great source for health hazards to develop and affect people’s lives and cause respiratory illnesses.

We are trained and determined to undertake quick measures and stop all these side effects once you call us! Only skilled technicians will work on restoring your property and clearing it from all water, mold or potential fungus growth as soon as possible. So, whenever you have a fire sprinkler incident rely on us for a complete, rapid and serious remediation!